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November 2013
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midniteflowers ✿ [userpic]
Community Rules

Community Rules
1. DO NOT steal, repost or redistribute my graphics.

It is NOT nice and very rude; keep in mind it does take up valuable time to make these edits!!! Make sure to credit if using any of my graphics, and leave a small comment with your thoughts.

2. DO NOT demand entry to this community or attempt to harass me with requests.

If you follow the rules, comment in the appropriate place and treat me with kindness, I will gladly accept your request.

3. DO NOT PM me or try to add me!

I will just block you if you do. Unless it is something of importance (say you see another person reposting my graphics) please refrain from messaging me about accepting your entry request, and any thing else of similar instance.

4. DO NOT be rude, pick fights with or verbally antagonize me or any other members of the community!

Being polite and having respect is a MUST for this community!

5. MOST IMPORTANT: Have fun! :)

I hope we can all express our mutual love for DBSK here ♥

Also, whilst this is mainly an OT5 community, I am also in support of every DBSK shipping; BUT I will not tolerate stans starting unnecessary arguments here! The second any of that happens, I will ban said people involved. This community promotes peace and unity between the 5 members of DBSK; and if you don't agree, then please leave.

If you agree to all the following rules, then please go here and leave a comment explaining how long you've been a fan of DBSK and how you came to fall irreversibly in love with them like I did ;D

Kthnxbai ^^

NOTE: If you send a request and do not comment, entry to the community will be denied!!!

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