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08 November 2013 @ 05:06 pm
How to credit Shinkinism, when using icons, headers and other graphics  
Hey guys, so it occurred to me that some people may not know how to credit shinkinism when using my graphics, and I just wanted to leave a quick post to let you all know - it's very simple so don't worry!

For Icons:

When uploading a userpic, you should have something like this, right? Notice how the comment section is circled in red? That, my friends, is where you put the shinkinism code, in order to credit Shinkinism ;) but what happens if you forget to do it there?! :O

Don't worry! Once you've uploaded it, then your userpic should show up on the right hand side of the blue column (in the first pic), and notice again where the comment section is circled in red? That's where you put the code ;) Simple right?

For Headers/LJ signs & Other Graphics:

Ok, now lets say you've decided to use one of my 'Friends Only' signs [wise choice, I must say :P], how do you leave credit then? Again this is a simple answer - once you've attached the image to a post, leave some space to write underneath the image, and then click on the weird looking head figure circled in red. The words 'Insert LJ User' should pop up when you hover over it.

After you click the weird head figure, the box circled in red should then pop up. Now under 'user' write shinkinism. Finally, click on the button circled in blue with the words 'Insert user' and underneath your image this should be there: shinkinism ← easy, isn't it?! :D

For headers and everything else, if you could just write a line saying something like 'header (or w/e graphic it is you're using) by shinkinism' in your intro post, then I would be very grateful :)

Thank you everyone!
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