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Enter the world of DBSK ❤

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A DBSK graphics community.
Hey guys :)

I don't know why but I suddenly felt like creating a community for all my graphics & icons, and since my tumblr name is Shinkinism, that's what the community ended up being too ;D Not quite sure how often I'll be posting here; lord knows I harldy do with my on LJ account right now!

I will try my best to post at least once a week with new Shinki goodies for everyone :D As the name suggests, everything that will be posted here relates to Dong Bang Shin Ki - those 5 terribly amazing namjas that always put me to tears one minute; and then have me breaking out into a fit of laughter the next!

Membership is moderated - if you would like to join the community, please first read the community's rules, and then leave a comment on the entry post explaining how long you've been a fan of DBSK and how you came to fall irreversibly in love with them like I did ;D

This community will provide:

• icons
• headers/banners
• welcome signs
• story posters
• friends only signs, and possibly more things in future.

Entries will be locked after 48 hrs!!!

NOTE: NO comment = NO entry.

Take care everyone, and may you always keep the faith ♥